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Roommate Eviction Law

There are laws and restrictions when it comes to trying to evict your roommate. Attempting to do this is a very delicate ... Read More

Security Deposit Laws

If a tenant damages a property whether intentional or not, the landlord is protected by a security deposit that is paid ... Read More

Lease Option to Buy Agreements

A lease option to buy agreement is a relatively new, but increasingly popular and legitimate alternative when ... Read More

Real Estate Promissory Note

If you are going to be taking a loan to purchase a property, you will encounter real estate promissory notes. Real ... Read More

Avoiding Foreclosure

It is easy to fall behind on your mortgage. Read More

City Zoning Codes

It is a proven fact that city zoning codes have the ability to actually ruin your business location. Read More

Real Estate Deeds

A great piece of advice would be to carry a pen and paper with you when conducting business/trade with anyone. Read More

Removing Property Liens

Homeowners often face the harsh reality of paying money back toward their debt. Read More

Real Estate Transaction Law

If you are involved in real estate, it would be wise to know what paperwork you are being advised to sign and what the ... Read More

Purchasing Property and Easement Agreements

When you first decide to involve yourself in real estate, there are many emotions that run through one’s mind. Read More

A Landlords Job

When individuals decide to own or manage rental units or properties, it would be wise to understand the landlord tenant ... Read More

Facts Involving The Mechanics Lien

Many people believe that a mechanics lien state is on record forever. Read More

What Is An Eviction

The term eviction can often be a frustrating process that is very expensive as well. Read More

Understanding Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Managing a commercial real estate transaction can be extremely difficult. Read More

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Oct 16/2015 - According to The Press Enterprise, foreclosure rate plummeted to its five-year low
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Oct 2/2015 - According to The Sacramento Bee, the former Gold Country Lenders head Philip Lester, together with his chief financial officer, Susan Laferte, is facing a ...
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Sep 16/2015 - According to The New York Times, the Federal Reserve's serious fresh energy to assist the actual healing by supporting the housing industry will probably...
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